Every Person is a Package Deal

Today everybody  gets  attracted  by new  package  deals. All  commodities  are  available  in package  deals.

Similarly, every person we  meet  is  a  package  deal in  himself. A  package  of   of  good  traits ,  bad  traits  and  neutral  traits. The  quantum of  traits  dictate the price of  the  package  sought for. If  you  want  a better package  you  pay  more. No  one  is  perfect. If  you analyse  even  your  closet of  friends  they   too  have  some negativities.  But  we  tend  to  ignore them  and  focus  on  the  good  traits  of  a  friend.

For a bad  person  ,  negatives traits  are good traits and  he wishes  to  be  friends  with people  of  his  ilk. Together  they  vibe and  help each  other. They  will not  improve  and  they  are  happy  with  themselves.

For  a good  people  good  friends come  free in  the package  for  a  bad  person  bad  friends come free.  But  the  other  way  round  comes  at  a price

Good  company  breeds  good  company  bad  breeds  bad.

But we  must have friends. And  lots of  them to  be  able  to  enjoy  life.

Help ,  share  and  guide  a  friend in the  right  direction.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Manoj Singh on March 16, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    Nice story, buddy


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