Can You Stop The Gushing Stream?

This  is  my  second  book.

It was  released  in 2011


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  1. Posted by MPS on March 19, 2012 at 2:21 pm


    Can You Stop The Gushing Stream? a mantra to move into ever lasting success by Lt. Col Mohinder Pal Singh is an imprint of Pentagon Press published under third eye is an attractive Laminated Colourful paperback containing 123 pages and worth Rs. 150/- It has been written as the sermons of an ascetic for a period of seven days. It is indeed exhaustively dealt with. The personal touch and the narrative tone of an otherwise heavy topic make it a comfortable reading. Hard work and perseverance for the quality work and an increasing quality is a sure path of success. Making the person compete with his past success makes it a healthy psychological potpourri. Acceptance of failures is an integral part of success gives it the practicality of life. He who learns the midas touch of conversion of failures to may be gradual but sure success is the ultimate master and winner. The mantra lay latent awaiting its discovery.

    Few prodigious mantras given by the writer

    “Success may come from imagination and innovation but in long run success blinds imagination and innovation.”

    “Behind each single successful success, there are large no of successful failures.”

    “The best years of my Life were when I was failing and fighting it back every time. Today I don’t fail and have forgotten my Power to regain.”

    “Failures of all kind are vincible provided you have the will and the ability to convert them to your side.”

    “Silence is the only language of communication with nature.”

    Concluding with the words of Nirup Mennon, “A must read for every man and woman who seeks to tackle career blues successfully.”

    Book Review by:
    Neelam Pannu
    Lectt, at K.V.S


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