Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge
Poor form about 60% of Indian Population. They are found everywhere, in big cities working in homes, pulling rickshaws, picking load, working in factories and staying in dingy slums after working hours. In rural areas they are poor farm labourers, daily wage workers, rag pickers . They are paid wages by the rich who exploit them not only by paying them less but also by so many other methods, like employing their young children, exploitation of their women(unreported), lending them private loans at high rates etc. The poor have no choice but to accept the hegemony of the rich. They know who ever their employer is he is going to exploit them in the same way. Some times they are not given adequate leave during the festive seasons, sometimes when they need money they are generously given a loan , the installments of which never seem to finish.
The musclemen employed by the rich are always there to arm-twist the poor. Throughout their life they are made to feel that their life is a curse.
“Do you ever think of taking revenge”? I asked the poor old man, who was languishing on a broken chair under a tree while his sons and Daughter-in- laws worked as labours on a site. He was too old to do physical labour. They load him on a trolly rickshaw which is used to ferry digging implements daily form their make-shift road side shelter to the site of construction and thereafter he sits there watching his children being exploited by the contractors. “What could I do”? He laments . “They never let us stay at a place where I could send my children to even a primary school. I had no choice but to marry my three sons to uneducated daughters of labours and marry my daughter to a slightly better groom -a mason.” He said.
I repeated my question thinking that he had heard it properly. He went into a long silence. It seems he had heard the question but did not want to answer it.
“ I have seen plenty. I have seen in my lifetime some agitated young sinewy boy assaulting a supervisor who had assaulted his father. The supervisor had made that family bleed for over two months by not giving them employment. It was the supervisors fault in the first place but the boy and his whole family had to apologise ,not once but a number of times . They had go without food for days.” He said gazing away towards the sunset.
“In our homes the sun never rises , Sahib. It only sets.” He said painfully.
“ Yes inwardly every poor of this nation wants to take revenge. When we see them coming out of luxury cars and richly dressed we do not feel jealous. But the problem is they lack human values. I have still not seen a rich person who has shown human values towards his workers. They show such values towards their colleagues , towards God or towards the politicians.
You are right , we the poor do feel like taking revenge from them.” He said in a voice which was firm and bold now..
So how do you take revenge? I repeated my question.
“ Sahib every five years we get a chance to vote. All poor of the country ensure that they have their voter identity cards ready. It is we people who take the pains to walk up to a booth to vote. The rich never vote. And when we vote we do not vote based on the performance of a government we just vote blindly for the person who pleases us. Let him be the biggest goonda of the town we don’t care.We know he will not bother us anymore till the next elections but he will bother these rich people who exploit us everyday. These politicians do not let the rich breathe in peace throughout their tenure.” He said with sparkle in his eyes.
“ And when ever we see these rich touch the feet of the politicians , we the poor feel elated that finally we made the rich bow.” He added giving a touch of finality.


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  1. well researched and written


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