Maddy and His Pretty Girls


My  candid confession is that  I  have  always   adored  pretty  girls , each moment each day of  the  thirty seven  years  that   I have  spent on this  planet.

When  I  was in school there  were  many  pretty  girls in  my  class . But  my  father  said ,”Maddy , Concentrate my  your  studies , it  will  shape  your  future and  if  you  look at  girls  you  will surely  spill over”. Father   was my all time  Hero , and so I believed him and  engulfed  completely in studies. I  topped my   school and had  loads of accolades from boys and  pretty  girls too.

And  though I  always  adored  pretty  girls I  had  no  girl friend in school.

Because  of  my  good marks  I got  admission in  the best  college and the best  course of  my  choice. Some of my  friends  also   joined  other  courses in the same college   and they  made  many girl  friends. It  was  trendy  in  our  college  to  be  seen  with  girls so  I  also  picked  up the  courage  to  ask  some pretty  girls but  faced  failure.  I revived  myself pronto  and   tried  again  on  some  other pretty  girls  but  again faced  abject  refusal. Having  been refused  twice  was  a  real  setback for me. I  went to  my  best  friends for  asking  practical tips  to  excel in  this subject  so alien to  me. They showed  their  concern and  put  their  heads together  to  find  a way out . One  smart  Friend  said, “ Maddy, all   the girls know  that you   are  the  topper of the  class and very  smart in studies. Girls  will not befriend   a   guy  who  is  smatter then  them in any  field.”

“Oh , I  see, What  should  I  do then? Guys, You  know  I   adore  pretty girls.”I  said.

“Act dumb” They opined.

So I  approached some  pretty  girls   and  acted  dumb. To  my  surprise I   faced  setback  again. Lamenting  at the  treatment meted  out  to  me  I went  back to  my   astute  friends  and pleaded more  guidance.

“Hey , why  do  you always  approach  the  prettiest  girls only. You   are  not  having  a fat  pocket or  a  car to  drive them around,  so  how  do  you  qualify  their  fastidious  taste buds. “ Opined  one of my friends whom we all called Smart  Alex.

“So  what  should I  do”I asked.

“Look  , you  must   lower  down  your level   to  some mediocre looking  girls and only then you  will meet success  in  this  field.”He  advised.

Being  a  novice  on this   pitch  I  accepted  his  advice  instantly as  it  sounded logical. I  now  looked  for  some  girls  who had  mediocre  looks  and  approached  them very carefully  and  politely.But  Alas ! , I  was  brushed  aside  again.

I  was  devastated. They  too had  no  time  for   the ‘class topper now  acting  dumb’ just  for   them.  But  Maddy  does   not   give  up so easily. And  so  I  came back to   my  sincere  but  smart  friends. They  had a  layer  of  sympathy  all over their  faces  when  they  listened  to my  woes  of  rejection. They  too  seemed  to have  reached  a dead  end  of  giving advice but  the Smart Alex ( who  always   had  a regular  GF) had  a  convincing   analysis  of the  situation.

“Maddy, lets  get  this  straight, your  looks  are  not   so  handsome. You are slightly short  and also plump. No? The mediocre  looking  girls   who  can’t  attract  the  guys  with  fat  purses  so they always  want  smart  looking guys  as  their  BFs. This  way  they  can  show  off  to  the pretty  looking  girls   that  they  have handsome  guys taking them  out. Got it.  But  don’t  loose heart , there  are  hoards  of  ordinary looking girls in  our  college. You try  for them and  will surely  get one.” He said.

I was  convinced  at  Smart  Alex’s   arguments. How  logical he  was  at  his  analysis.

“He  is  really brilliant. I  have  really  wasted my time  at  studies mugging the books. He  has not. His analysis  was  simply   perfect ”. I  thought.

So  I  quicky got  on with  my  work  to  identify   ordinary  looking  girls  who did  not  have  regular  BFs.

The  very  next  day  I  decided  on my  prey  and  approached  her coyly . She  smiled  at me and my  heart  missed a  beat. But  before I  could  utter  another  sentence   I  suddenly   realised  some  hawkish  eyes piercing  through me indicating  me  to  lay  off  her. When   I  didn’t move,  three  rowdy looking  guys  came close, kept a firm hand  on  my  shoulder  and  shoved  me  aside.

“What  do  you  think you  are  doing, Man? She  is ours. Don’t dare  to  even look at  her  again. Ok? You  are  the  topper, No?   Go  back to  books”. Said  one of them.

“But you  are  three  guys, to  whom does  she  belong? Ï  tried being  logical.

“It is none  of  your business, Man. We  have  our  eyes on   another  two girls. You lay  off her”. He commanded.

I  didn’t give  up  and  tried  locating  one  more  common  looking girl  but  she  too  had  a  beeline  of   common  but  dangerous  looking guys behind her. Before  they could  catch  me  oogling at her  I   finally vanished into  my  books.

The  final  exams   were approaching  and   so  I  studied  and  studied   and  made sure  that   my  notes ( highly in demand) were  never  given  to  the  pretty, the mediocre  or even  the  ordinary girls  of  the college. However   politely  or     graciously  they  may  beg  from me. I  had my  own  reasons for  my  vengeance against them. So  by  the end  of  my  college days  they had  branded me  to  be a  high-headed  and  haughty  guy.

But  the  truth  is  I  always  adored  pretty   girls  . I   will miss  them.

But  my  friends  were  always there  besides  me   in such  difficult  times.

“Don’t worry  buddy,  when you  get  the highest   paid  job  after  college   the same pretty  girls   will make  a  beeline after you.” said Smart  Alex  with full confidence. As  always   Smart  Alex again sounded  absolutely logical  and I believed  him .  The  thought of  pretty  girls  making    a  beeline  ( inspite of  my  plump looks)  was  really  really enthralling. I  stayed in this stupor for quite some time.

As  predicted by  my friends  , I  was the first  one to be placed   from my   batch in the campus  placement  that  season  and  with a  whooping  package    which was far  above  the  previous  many  years  benchmark  of our college.  I had  finally got the  fat  purse. The  wait for  beeline  was  going to  be  over now. Many  came  to  shake hands with   me after I  got the offer. In  that  there were  some pretty girls too.

“Thats  it Maddy, You’ve done it.”I thought.

The  company   soon contacted  me  and  said  they  had  specially  picked me up  for  their  most  Hi-tech  plant  coming up in a  town  in Africa (called  Timbucktoo). I  had  to  board  the   flight  next week. When I was  checking  in   at the  airport I kept looking  back  if  any  of  those  pretty  girls  who  had  shaken hands with me  had come  to see  me  off. None  had.

So I  worked  in  Timbucktoo plant  for 15 hours  a  day  for  730 days . I  had  a fat purse  as  stipend  but  no  place  to  spend as  we were  200 miles  from the  nearest  habitation.

I  came back after  two  years  but this  time to  the Hi-tech company’s Hi-tech  office in   Hyderabad. Oh , What  a office it  was. My  quench  for company of  pretty Girls  immediately revived. Now I  must paint the  town  red. And immediately I  upgraded my  wardrobe  with  latest styles of  dressing.

Only three  days in new  office and  my sleeping  luck suddenly  dawned .  I  found  a  very  pretty  colleague   in  the  office. She  was fair  and  slim and had twinkle in  her eyes. She  had  a  pretty smile on her lips  and  whenever  she  came in  to  meet  me for an  errand we  talked at  length  in my small cabin  about  work  and   sometimes  beyond  work . I  was totally  mesmerised by her pretty looks.

But was She impressed with me?

I  needed  to  know  this before I  could make my  next  move.  I  was thinking  that  its time now  that I  invite  her  for  a  date. But  before I could do  that   she  came in  the next  day  and said,”Maddy  why don’t you  join  me  for  dinner  at  my place  today. I  have  cooked  the  food  myself.”

“Oh , So  nice I  would be  pleased  indeed”.I said.

When I  reached  her  house,  at  the  door  standing  besides  her  was  a  tall  and  handsome guy smiling confidently.  As  he  extended  his  hand to  welcome me. Neeti said , “Maddy  meet my  husband Robert. Robert  this is  my new boss  Maddy”.

I somehow  gulped  the dinner  in silence and acted  as if  nothing had  happened. Next day  I  desperately  looked  for  telephone number of  my sincere  old  friend Smart Alex. He  too  was  in  Hyderabad.  And  came in immediately  on my S.O.S call.

“Now  you are  not  acting  dumb , you’ve  really  gone dumb. Can’t you  make  out  signs of  a  married women?” He scolded me.

“No, actually I  am coming directly  from  Timbucktoo. And she  looked so young  and nubile Alex, how  would  I know.”I said innocently.

“Thank  god  you  did  not  make any advances. And  then he  taught  me  the        tell- tale signs  to  identify  a married  Indian women. I  mugged them  up and  vowed  not to repeat this.

During  my  next  leave when  I  reached  home  my parents  caught  me  by surprise  and  had  a  number  of  marriage  proposals  of  their  choicest girls  lined up  before me.

“Its  too early” I said.

“Maddy,  you have  done enough of  flirting, now its time to  settle down in  family life” said  my  father sternly.

“Flirting? Me? I  was shell –shocked.

“Yes”. He said . And Before I  realised   I( the  flirting  man)   was  married.

And  then  came  the  churning between  the demands  of job, wife , children and  how  the  next ten  years passed  I  didn’t realise.

By  now  I  had  reached  a  very senior post in my  company. I   had  a fat salary and lots of time to  myself.

And my  quest  for company of   pretty  girls again arose.

I started  with the   Gym and the  swimming  pool. Soon  I  was  slim   and handsome( I  thought).  And  ready  to  launch myself  to  the  pretty lasses.

And  I  pounded my  profile on  all available  social sites  and  got  tremendous  response  from  a wide spectrum  of girls. Off course I  only selected the  pretty  ones. I  chatted  and netted. They  became  intimate but  only on  the  net and nothing further.Pretty  girls  had become  smart too.  I  dropped them  as trash. Come out  if  you  have  guts I  told  them but  they  won’t . They  had started  to change  their  status  to committed to  ward  off  guys  like me. So I  too  dumped them again.

My  smart Alex  friend  had another  grand  idea.

“Man , why  don’t you  join  some  premier  Management  institutes and  enhance  you qualifications  and  let  me  tell you  there  you  will have  a  great chance  to achieve   your  heart’s ambition” He said.

Seeing  my credentials  the  top B-schools  welcomed me. I  was soon in  a  weekend  class  having  a  wide  spectrum  of pretty, mediocre  and  ordinary girls  available .  Though I  was  senior in age  but I now  had  the  advantage   of  a fat  purse and  handsome  looks. I  quickly  made  my calculations  of priority of approaching them.  They  responded  and  readily  came out to  have  meals with me.

They loved  my parties  and my humour and soon I  was  given  the  status of the “smartest  UNCLE” of  the  class. I was very  disappointed  at this .

So,  I have now finally  decided  to  give up  my  quest   for  the pretty Girls.

Good bye Pretty Girls. Adieu to  all of you.

But  as  you know Maddy never gives up.

Watch out !! Pretty   Aunties . Here  comes the  well dressed, well groomed and fat pursed  Maddy.


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