There is No Darkness in Darkness


Mohinder Pal singh

Once  during  my  travels  I  met  a  blind  person.  An  erudite old  man  who  had travelled  near and  far. He  was   a  thinker  and  a  poet .   We  met  once  at  a friends  place and  I  listened  to many of his  compositions .  His works were original and  sober. Leter  I  had  so  many questions  to  ask him  about  his  world  and how he  lived without  his  eyes. He  must  have  answered  them  so  many  times. He  spoke less but  his  replies  were  gracious  and  deep.    It only  indicated   that  he  had  experienced  life . A  life  of satisfaction, a  life well  accepted,  well  lived.

While  we  were  talking  there  was  a power  failure  and  suddenly  our  room  was  engulfed    in  darkness . I  got up  and  started  to  grope  for  a  candle in  the  darkness of  the  room.   A  couple  of  things  tumbled  here and  there  as  I searched.  After  a couple  of  minutes when  my  eyes were  adjusted    to  darkness  I  could  see  his  outline  figure.  He  was  unmoved    and unnerved  as  if  nothing  had  happened . I  was  still groping  in the dark to  trace  out  a candle.  He knew  that  the  light  had  gone  and  I  was  desperately  looking for a  candle but kept  quiet . Then  I  realised  he  was  blind and  may be  it  does not make much difference  to  him.

In  a  lighter  tone  I said  aloud, “Friend  for  you it doesn’t matter   whether  it  is  light  or   dark. For  you  it  is  always  darkness. Day  or  night  are  same  for  you.”

He astonished me  with  his  reply. He  said,  “Mohinder, I  have  no idea  what is  darkness. I  have  never seen what  is  darkness.

I kept  looking  at  him  through the  darkness  between  us. Initially  I  thought  he  had  made a light  reply  to my  light  hearted  comment.

“I  really don’t  know  what  is  darkness . For I was  blind  from  birth”. He  repeated.

Now  his  words  pierced  deeply  into  me. He  was serious.  I was muted at  the  moment. I  was  staring  at  this  old  man  who  had  seen thorough  this  world  without  his  eyes.He  had  seen  through  the  people  with eyes  without his  eyes. He    had lived  a  life   and  had  felt  blessed  every moment of  it.

“Even  to  see darkness   you  need  eyes  . What  is  probably  darkness  for  you  is  not  darkness  for me. For   I have  seen  no  light.” He  added  after  a moment of  silence.

After  a  while  I found  the  candle  and  lit  it. He  smiled . And  we continued  our  talk about  his life  and  mine.

When  I left him I  realised the  lesson I learnt   today. To see  the  light of the  day  and  the darkness of  the  night   you  need  the  light in  your eyes  .  For without the  eyes  both day  and  night  would  be  one. For  almightly  made  them   all  the  same,   all  the  time.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Pramod on August 15, 2015 at 12:57 pm

    MP sir….Excellent expression of what matters is perception…..Blind man could have said that he had not seen light….but he said darkness….
    We really should have an eye into darkness with our light of soul…great 🙏🙏👍👍👌


  2. Posted by Sonali Dash on February 2, 2016 at 6:50 am

    This article turns things upside down Sir..It all depends on our perception.. A great message to all readers..


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