What is a Birthday? what does it mean?
For an Infant—; it means lots of sweets and play with friends.
For a child — its celebration time with friends and celebration of approaching adulthood…

But what does a Birthday mean for an adult?
It means self appraisal for the years gone by, it means to think of the years which are speedily approaching , it means to re-think and re-build broken relationships, it means to maintain and improve existing relationships, it means to peep within your mind and blow the venoms out, it means send Love to the loved ones and receive love from them.
And it also means to thank God for whatever he has given and whatever he will give in future.

For the Old- it means celebrations for being alive and healthy, celebrations for seeing the world change so much, celebrations of meeting so many people and seeing people enjoy in your presence is itself a celebration. Amen.


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