You need Rogues to Manage Rogues.

Every Society  is  composed of all  kind of  people, good helpful, indifferent , unhelpful and rogues. And any organisation is  composed of  people from  the society and  hence the  presence of  rogues  are  there in equal proportion. the Dictionary meaning of ‘Rogue’   is generally  dishonest or unprincipled person. However  in  actual ‘rogue’means  anybody  who is wrathful, unbridled, bashful , persona non grata, or  simply  someone who keeps  his own interest supreme always and everytime. He is  a person  who would  go  to any limits  to leash  his subordinates  to fulfill his own ambition. At  times he indirectly benefits the organisation, though  that is not his  aim. His  primary  aim is  his own elevation.

Now organisations  know that rogues  from the  society have  penetrated at  every level in their  organisation,  and it is very dificult  to  find  out initially. They are the  ones who avoid  work, do misappropriation, create misunderstandings, fight and  all such  kind of  activities.  THe  moot question is  how  to manage rogues?

The only ay  to manage  rogues  in your organisation is  to have Rogues  at the  Top.

A simple and  nice person cannot  ever  control a rogue. However  a  Rogue  can  control simple, straight forward  person,smart , cunning  and the Rogue. Hence he is suitable for controlling from  the  top.

An  organisation  who  puts a simple straight forward  person  at the  top is surely going  to  get doomed one day.


One response to this post.

  1. Good one. However, so called Rogues in the organisation actually helps in streamlining the system so that undue advantage is not taken by an individual due to his/ her position/ appointment provided the person at the top is careful


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