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Just Completed reading a 130 year old Classic book titled- SHE by Rider Haggard(free ebook available). An engrossing journey to a place where there is an elixir for life making you ageless.
Some lines form the book reflects the intellectual gravity of this erudite author.:-
1. “Oh, it is so hard for a women to be merciful”
2.”Kisses leave no marks, except upon the heart”
3.”Old as she was, Ayesha had not outlived jealously”
4.” Men are faithful for so long only as temptations pass them by”
5.” Man can be bought with womans beauty, if it be but beautiful enough ; and women’s beauty can ever be bought by gold, if only there be gold enough”

I was mesmerized by the fiction and stupefied by the language.


Balentine day Special

Balentine Day Special

Today morning  our 16 year old bubbly maid came for  work rather early and with a big smile on her face. The  moment  my  wife  came  into the  kitchen  the  maid   said   she  had  a  news for  her.

“What is it” ? said my  wife dryly , because  she  wanted  her  to  first  start the work  and  not start   with her chirpy tales and  nattering.

But  it    seemed  that the maid was unable  to  keep  the  secret.

“a  girl  ran away   with a  a  boy yesterday from our  locality” She  said in spite of  the  strict orders of first commencing the work.

“Why”? asked  my  wife  laconically. Who now   seemed to  be  interested  in  this  piece of  spice.

The  maid  looked  at  my wife  as  if  thinking , is  she  dumb? Why  would  a  Girl run  away  with  a  boy?

“They  were  in  love  for  a long  time obviously.” She  said  with  a  smile thinking that some  old  ladies  don’t  know  basics of  love matters.

“Why  did  they   run  yesterday”  I  heard my  wife ask her  as  I   walked  into  the  kitchen  on  hearing  this  interesting  conversation.

“You  should  know  it  aunty ji” said  our  maid  looking  at  my  wife , ignoring  me  who  had  just  entered.

“ How  will  I  know  it, you fool” said my  wife irritably.

“because  everybody knows  it, yesterday was  Balantene Day, Aunty”  our  maid said  laughingly.

I ran out  the  kitchen in  guffaws. My  wife  too  followed me.

When  the  guffaws  stopped  and I  came into  my  senses the  bolt  was  yet to  come.

“where  is my  gift Mr…..” She had just  realised  that why  I had  not  shown  the  newspaper  to  her  yesterday. And I thought  my gimmick had  saved  me  Rs 2000/-. But  it  was  not  to  be.

Balentene Day is  meant to  be celebrated  by  one  and all.