New Paradigms of Friendships.

New Paradigms of Friendships.

Today all of us have seen a steep rise in the number of friends in the last one decade, thanks to social media. On one hand it has connected us to our old friends , with whom we had lost touch and on the other hand it has brought us closer to so many new ones, causing the number of friends to swell beyond expectations and much beyond imagination. The number has grown so much that we are not able to even remember their names leave alone the telephone numbers. We need lybrinthine call logs and contact lists to store their numbers. And when the number of friends crosses many hundreds, then the next problems is that we have many with the same name. For instance I have five friends named Ajay, so I store them as Ajay Delhi, Ajay Mumbai, Ajay Bangalore etc. In earlier times we had only ten or twenty friends and you knew everything about all of them. Now with three or four hundred friends , a person will be worthy of a reward even if he knows something about someone in his friend list. Having too many friends makes us some kind of aliens to each other.

The friends of today interestingly can be divided into the following easily discernable categories:-

a) ‘Like’ Friends- These are the Largest group of friends on social media. Their friendship is limited to just Liking the posts and new dp of friends (Incidentally this too is on a reciprocatory basis only) other then that they hardly interact.
b) RIP friends…The second equally large group is the group of friends in social media who don’t even have time to ‘like’ your posts or dp. But if you post a msg of someone’s death in the near circle they very sympathetic and immediately show their solidarity and post an RIP msg. They feel with this they have benigninly shown their gesture of friendship gesture. Then they remain silent till there is a requirement of another RIP msg.
c) ‘Fwd’ friends. some friends are busy forwarding a ‘fwd’ to you. And everyday you find 40-50 msgs in your Inbox whether it has any relevance to you or not it is immaterial. If you ask them abt a fwd whether it is true, they reply with a ‘search me’ emoji. Most of the times these Fwd Friends don’t even have time to read your msg as their handset is busy forwarding msgs.I tested one such friend of mine by replying to him. But as expected he never read it and it soon got buried deep. His job is to just forward the ‘fwds’.
d) Net- Gyani Friends. These are friends who distribute msgs of only gyan. You read them and forget about it. But next day you have new gyan and a new issue on life and how to live it. It’s their Dharma to spread the light whether anyone gets immersed in it or not.. So religiously everyday the new gyan replaces the old one given on the previous day. The new layer replaces the old one and nothing changes.

e) The silent watchers. These are your irritating well wishers who do not feel it important to reply to your specially chosen, custom picked ‘fwds’. They feel it below their dignity to even acknowledge the receipt of a specially chosen fwd. They feel that Social media has already oncorporated the subtle acknowledgement symbol which shows the ‘receipt’ and the ‘read’ symbol.

f) Never-met friends. Then there are some friends whom you have never even met. Somehow knowing them through some group and suddenly you get a friend request and you accept it. I really don’t know why they are there in people’s social networks.

In the end are left a miniscule number of your real old true friends. who may not Like your posts or DPs, may not press a thumbs up emoji , may not write a RIP and may not be even sending you fwds. But when you need work to be done you know a call to them will be replied in the afffirmative. This is the true , time tested treasure of real friendship.

– Mohinder pal Singh


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sonali Swarjeeta Dash on January 26, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    Nice observation and apt categorisation Sir.. The truth brought out in a very humorous way..


  2. Posted by P Nicholas on January 27, 2017 at 6:22 pm

    Sir, you have the gift of observing things and cataloguing it accordingly. God bless you.


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