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Nebulous Whatsapp Gyan

Nebulous Whatsapp Gyan.
The era of books to imbibe knowledge is fast fading away and its place is being surreptitiously taken in by none other then our friendly neighborhood app- Whatsapp.
Five years back no one could have imagined the proliferation prowess of this tiny android application and how it will revolutionize the text messaging service and subsequently introduce  even a computer illiterate person to image and video messaging. It has indeed topsy turvied our lives. On one hand it has opened new gates to a sea of knowledge but on the other hand it has nibbled into our own spare time which we would have otherwise used for our hobbies, meeting friends( physical meetings), playing games (outdoor) reading newspaper (physically) and reading books.
The maximum damage undoubtedly has been done to the habit of book reading. It has almost caused a premature demise of the habit of reading.
The all-in-one online gyan provides knowledge and information and alongside provides all type of entertainment depending on your taste buds.
A typical day of an avid Whatsapp user goes something like this:-
(a) period 6 am to 9 am – messages start with a ‘namaskar’ or good morning messages from individual friends or from groups. Most of these messages are stringed with ‘one line advice’ or wish as if you are surely going to win a jackpot or a billion dollar lottery today. …This is followed by some videos on yoga, fitness, how to get slim etc… ( personally I have tried all the recipes of slimming but to only end up with status quo).
(b) Period of online silence …. 9 am to 11am.
This is the period of ‘online silence’ as most of the members are busy in rushing to offices and sorting out the morning blues, homemakers are busy chidding their maids, children are off to school. so this is the time of reduced activity on whatsapp.
(c) Period of slow Activity…11am to 5pm. in this period there is exchange of some anecdotes however the inflow of posts is less.
(d) Period of hyper activity 5 pm to 11 pm…. At this time all members are active and fwd jokes videos pics, in groups also this period sees maximum Activity like heated discussions on controversial issues. Maximum gyan is distributed an imbibed during this period of  activity.
(e) Period of passionate texting 11 pm to 1 am. the last but the most passionate period is this. the serious Whatsapp lovers carry their mobiles to bed, turn the silent key on so that no one hears a sound then they are glued to the Whatsapp screens.

Most of  the  whatsapp gyan is nebulous because it is not imbibed but promptly forwarded for someone else to reap the benefit. And in the bargain no one actually  benefits. Such nebulous gyan stays in  your mobile folder  and  after  ten or twelve days when the  mobile runs out of  storage space one tends to delete the gyan-surfeit videos in a jiffy.

If  all  this  gyan was  really  imbibed  in  a  positive manner by now the world would have  become a pleasant place to live in.

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Time to Unfriend some Friends

Today we have developed a tendency to increase the number of friends to a number where they become unwieldy to handle. Many in our huge friendship circle are only peripheral friends and cannot spare neither time nor effort to help us ,advice us, stand by usq when you are in need.
My definition of a friend is
-a person to whom you can
approach when you need help.
-A person whom you can approach to take some advice.
– A person who takes time to tell you if are doing anything wrong.
– A person who encourages you when you are on the right path.

If you have a friend who fulfills any of the above conditions is indeep worthy of a piece of your life.

But on the flip side I have seen majority of our so called friends fulfilling another set of rather ,not so condusive conditions:-
– They are indifferent in your success.
– They have very little time for you. they are hesitant in taking that little mile extra to help you.
– impolite at times or too blunt or impervious to your feeling.
– Critical in your failure.
And we out of sheer generosity are unable to severe ties with them. We keep thinking what will the other person think. But I feel there is no point in dragging such friendships for the sake of it. It’s better to do Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish(GRBR) and live in peace.

It’s better to have less friends then bad friends.

Holi or Hooliganism

Holi is a festival whose origin lies in tales of ancient Indian civilisations. from a festival of win of good over evil, as God saved Pralad from clutches of death and instead annihilated evil-minded Holika.

The celebrations became festivities and greetings took to  use of dry Colors. But slowly the dry colors have taken turn into wet colors , mud and water….
unruly elements of the society get license to go berserk. Heavy liquor drinking and use of narcotics has become an accepted norm in this festival. From a festival of greetings , friendship and colour it has become an epicenter of hooliganism, crime against women and show of machoism on the roads. As a result the festival is increasingly being detested by the common people, who prefer to stay indoors.
it’s high time that this festival’s true spirits be preserved and used to propogate bon homie among people of different castes, creed’s and religion.It should be remembered as the win of truth over evil forces. Hooliganism on the name of Holi must stop.

My Uncontrolled Guffaws at Sardar Jokes

images (8)Having  travelled  to  various  places  in India  and  having  stayed  in  about  ten  different  towns, there was one thing common – I  was  made the  butt of  jokes on Sardars.  The  jokes  would  not only pour  from  those  who  were  jealous  of  my  academic  achievements  but  also  from  some of  my very  close friends. The only  difference  was  that  while those  who  envied me blasted the jokes at my face when  we  were  standing  in  a  group,   whereas  my  close  friends   would  do me the courtesy of looking  at me politely and saying “If  you  wouldn’t  mind, can I crack a  joke on Sardars please?” and  a  smile  from  me  would  be  taken as  an affirmation.  Either way, the jokes would be humiliating and offensive. When my friends and colleagues would be laughing out loud looking at me,  I had  little  choice  but  to  smile and  show  spirit. But how many times a day can one take such ribbing sportingly? In my case, during college, it would come at me two to three times a day, and later when I got a job, it would happen twice or thrice during every social gathering.

Coming to the jokes proper, what do ‘Sardarji Jokes’ have in common? What characterizes them and sets them apart? Firstly, they all have a protagonist who is a Sardar. Secondly, this protagonist is idiosyncratic and an abject idiot  who probably has   an  IQ  of  a  primary school  dropout. All of his decisions are not only irrational but also comic. In the last  thirty years, during most of which I have been at the  receiving end of these jokes, I  have  observed that  neither  the  IQ  nor the  idiotic persona  of  the  protagonist  has  improved. But there is one thing that has surely changed – the fact that Sardars in real life have come a long way. They have penetrated every profession, every service, every walk of life and they have progressed and prospered in leaps and bounds. I in my life am yet to find a Sardar in India or abroad who is struggling for a means of livelihood.  They’re happy with whichever field they pursue, and are prosperous. Don’t take my word for it. Look around yourself and you will be forced to believe what you see with your own eyes. This dichotomy made me wonder sordidly – if  hardly any real  characters  with such miserable skills exist, why do such  jokes  abound  all  over the social  networks?

I began to look around to find the answer. After  talking  to hundreds  of  people including those  who forward the  jokes  to  me and  you, the hilarious  truth which I  unearthed was  that even  those  who compose these  ‘Sardarji Jokes’  have  never found or met  an  idiosyncratic  Sardar, and  both the  joke-creators  and the  joke-forwarders  are  living  in a Fools’ Paradise. It was then that I realized that the real life inspirations for these jokes lie not in the actions of any actual people but the psyche of the ones who spread such hallucinated stories themselves. It is simply akin to the ghost stories which would scare a kindergarten child. As  one grows  older  one is no  longer scared or amused  by  them as  one realizes that the  ghost  does  not exist. In the same  way, I  was  surprised  that  the people  who  still find juvenile amusement through a make-belief idiosyncratic Sardar are yet to realize  that while they still clamour and laugh, their  Sardar  has  moved on miles ahead. And then it struck me that it was not just a single friend of mine, but thousands of denizens bunched up together in this Fools’ Paradise. It could not be helped , so  I blew an uncontrollable  guffaw at them all!