Holi or Hooliganism

Holi is a festival whose origin lies in tales of ancient Indian civilisations. from a festival of win of good over evil, as God saved Pralad from clutches of death and instead annihilated evil-minded Holika.

The celebrations became festivities and greetings took to  use of dry Colors. But slowly the dry colors have taken turn into wet colors , mud and water….
unruly elements of the society get license to go berserk. Heavy liquor drinking and use of narcotics has become an accepted norm in this festival. From a festival of greetings , friendship and colour it has become an epicenter of hooliganism, crime against women and show of machoism on the roads. As a result the festival is increasingly being detested by the common people, who prefer to stay indoors.
it’s high time that this festival’s true spirits be preserved and used to propogate bon homie among people of different castes, creed’s and religion.It should be remembered as the win of truth over evil forces. Hooliganism on the name of Holi must stop.


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  1. Posted by Ankush sharma on March 13, 2017 at 10:52 am

    Brilliant sr it should be


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