Nebulous Whatsapp Gyan

Nebulous Whatsapp Gyan.
The era of books to imbibe knowledge is fast fading away and its place is being surreptitiously taken in by none other then our friendly neighborhood app- Whatsapp.
Five years back no one could have imagined the proliferation prowess of this tiny android application and how it will revolutionize the text messaging service and subsequently introduce  even a computer illiterate person to image and video messaging. It has indeed topsy turvied our lives. On one hand it has opened new gates to a sea of knowledge but on the other hand it has nibbled into our own spare time which we would have otherwise used for our hobbies, meeting friends( physical meetings), playing games (outdoor) reading newspaper (physically) and reading books.
The maximum damage undoubtedly has been done to the habit of book reading. It has almost caused a premature demise of the habit of reading.
The all-in-one online gyan provides knowledge and information and alongside provides all type of entertainment depending on your taste buds.
A typical day of an avid Whatsapp user goes something like this:-
(a) period 6 am to 9 am – messages start with a ‘namaskar’ or good morning messages from individual friends or from groups. Most of these messages are stringed with ‘one line advice’ or wish as if you are surely going to win a jackpot or a billion dollar lottery today. …This is followed by some videos on yoga, fitness, how to get slim etc… ( personally I have tried all the recipes of slimming but to only end up with status quo).
(b) Period of online silence …. 9 am to 11am.
This is the period of ‘online silence’ as most of the members are busy in rushing to offices and sorting out the morning blues, homemakers are busy chidding their maids, children are off to school. so this is the time of reduced activity on whatsapp.
(c) Period of slow Activity…11am to 5pm. in this period there is exchange of some anecdotes however the inflow of posts is less.
(d) Period of hyper activity 5 pm to 11 pm…. At this time all members are active and fwd jokes videos pics, in groups also this period sees maximum Activity like heated discussions on controversial issues. Maximum gyan is distributed an imbibed during this period of  activity.
(e) Period of passionate texting 11 pm to 1 am. the last but the most passionate period is this. the serious Whatsapp lovers carry their mobiles to bed, turn the silent key on so that no one hears a sound then they are glued to the Whatsapp screens.

Most of  the  whatsapp gyan is nebulous because it is not imbibed but promptly forwarded for someone else to reap the benefit. And in the bargain no one actually  benefits. Such nebulous gyan stays in  your mobile folder  and  after  ten or twelve days when the  mobile runs out of  storage space one tends to delete the gyan-surfeit videos in a jiffy.

If  all  this  gyan was  really  imbibed  in  a  positive manner by now the world would have  become a pleasant place to live in.

Thanks for reading!!



3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by pk on March 24, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    Pl whatsapp it for wider circulation!!


  2. We all like to give advise. Not follow.

    I am actually not a fan of whatsapp at a technical level.

    A poorly designed application, which for some reason is more popular than some far better alternatives. For example, a whatsapp group is a very poorly designed closed secret group of facebook. The issue of chats taking up space for example is not there in facebook groups. The problem to clear chats to make room for storage is also not there. Whatsapp chats are largely device specific. Once the device is changed, or lost, the history is also lost.
    In whatsapp, everybody’s personal phone is revealed to everybody in the group. Not a desirable point in many types of groups, making whatsapp in suitable for small, somewhat intimate groups.


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