Different People , Different Strokes

17334187656857Different People,  Different Strokes

Its  never easy  to make  people  follow  you. By nature  man  is  greedy  and  this  instinct  we  carried  from  our  bovine  ancestors. People  follow  you  for  greed  and  nothing  else. The  greed  could  be  of  many  kinds- money ,  power  ,  survival or  amusement.   To have a beeline of followers   you got  to  be  Rich,  powerful ,  benefactor  or an  actor. Secondly , you  got  to  do  something different  for  people  to  be  interested   in   knowing  you or  following you.

Everyone wants  that  he  should  have  followers. Followers  also  want to  have  followers.  The  seniors  in  any  organisation  want  the juniors  to follow them. Blindly. But  this does  not  happen always.

But  history is  replete  with  examples  that  very seldom    people follow  those  who  walk   on  the  beaten  track .

So  the  first  Rule  is  –   if  you  wish  to  have  followers – Do  not  walk  on  a  beaten  Track.

Beat   a  new  track. And  openly face  the  hardships  in  the  new  track you create because  any new  track is generally  replete  with new challenges and  obstacles which you have to  tackle.

As time passes by and you done’t give up…….the path  which  was  initially  laden with impediments now  becomes  familiar  and  the  hurdles  which  seemed  insurmountable now  seem  easy.

Slowly  as  you  move  ahead  you  will find  ppl  following  you grow  in  number. Remember, all  are  not  your  friends. Some  are following you simply out of   intrigue. Intrigue    to  see  of  you perish  or   survive  this  barbaric  decision  of yours.  Once when  they   see  you  tackling  the  obstacles,   some may   even silently withdraw.

However ,Seeing  you  succeed and move  ahead  newer  people   start  to  follow  you and    see  how  far  you  can   go.  These  are  not  people  who  had  the  intrigue  but  the   ones  who   wish  to  profit  from  your  discovery. Good luck with them.

One  seldom reaches  his  ambition in life  with  the  set  of  people he  started  the  journey  with. Hence, learn to work with all-friends, foes, competitors and  subordinates.


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