Prompt Action by Railways

Prompt Action by Railways…..
Today I boarded the Rajdhani Express today morning from secunderabad for nizamuddin.. Soon the breakfast was served but the quality of food  was not so good. We just had it. After some time came the pre-lunch soup… Which was simply tasteless and drab. I told the service person but he said nothing and walked away. After sometime lunch was served which too was of  extremely inferior  quality. We could hardly eat half of it. Luckily, we were carrying some packed items from home so we managed. After lunch, the quality of ice cream was simply  appalling. This whole experience put me off and  I started  contemplating of putting in a complaint or Suggestions on IRCTC website.
Then suddenly I got a call from +91139(I think it’s the railway number). The voice message wanted me to rate my experience on two issues i.e quality of food and punctuality of service. I rated both as very low. The voice msg told me that I can also tweet my experience at @RailMinIndia .
I promptly tweeted. Within few minutes I got a reply and I was asked my pnr number which I typed immediately.
To my surprise within an hour the catering manger in the train came searching for me and asked me what the issues were with food. I gave him the details. He apologized and promised to show improvement in the dinner.
And certainly the food served in the dinner was well cooked and tasty.

Thanks to the railway for adopting technology and taking prompt action on complaints.
However, I am writing this so that every one is aware that as train-travellers, we should not accept sub standard treatment and also if we take the pains of reporting the matter , the officials are prompt in responding.

At the end I also tweeted thanks @RailMinIndia.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sonali Swarjeeta Dash on September 27, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    Every passenger must be aware of such facilities, and avail them as they are paying for it..Thank you Sir for sharing your experience and making us aware


  2. Posted by Soneryl on September 27, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    Well done and duly noted though I seldom travel by train…will keep in mind as and when I do 😄


  3. Posted by Puja on December 6, 2017 at 12:28 pm

    Well i have have 3 incidence when in 1 got promt action while remaining 2 of no solution.
    1. While travelig in locals, one railway executive at secunderabad station had denied to give one passenger ticket due to no change of currency. After 30 mins of online complain i had received the call from authorities seeking the details of counter no. and person name. Action could not be taken as i was in hurry and unable to notice the details. This incident give me satisfaction and reminded me to be ready with proper details.

    2) while traveling in Ladies compartment from Banglore to secunderabad where the boggy was accupied majority by male who were and females being sitting on the ground. Yes did a complain again and tried to find out guard in nearby coaches. But in vain. The reply did come from athority asking to look for guard; when the journey was over.

    3) there is a national security contact number given where the passengers can call in case of emergency. Two female passenger’s luggage was stolen from reserved Compartments. To complain abt the same i googled the number which every website had published complimenting step taken by current railway ministry. NONE of the number get connected. And the guard? Pata nahi konse exteme compartment me tha ya tha bhi ya nahi.

    I just conclude that yes the govt is listening to the issue and responding. However in case of security, the ground reality is different and yet to be prompt.


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