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Audit 2017, plan for 2018.

images (11)After every 365 days comes the 31 December which is characterised world over with celebrations and joy…  The celebration are for the culmination of a successful year gone by or hope for the new year to dawn a new beginning…. Most of us wish to reap more then we wish to sow… But that is not how the life goes ..

What a typical  new year eve must have as per me is the following two things:-

1. Audit of the year gone by…..

Which should include what all did you sow ( the debits) and what exactly did you reap(the credits) in the past 365 days…

For a businessman it could be the days of toil versus the monetory gains, for a serviceman it could be the promotions , appreciations or the non tangible gains.

For children it could be the hardwork verses the grades obtained.

But in  the end you have to decide whether your balance sheet is in the red  or blue.

(Celebrations are only justified if you account is in positive and in credit)

2. Plan for the next 365 days…

Which could include your personal committments ,  personal goals and personal investments in terms of time and money. The plan , if speciffic in nature can yield tangible results which could make one proud…

So I wish all my friends to close their 2017 account books today…and I hope that all of you close your account and are in credit…

Wish you all a very prosperous 365 days ahead.


On Reaching 50

images (11)On Reaching 50

I  am not the only one,  neither I am  the first one who  has  reached 50. Many  have crossed it  and many will  cross it in future.

But  it certainly is a special milestone , not for  me alone  but for everyone who has  crossed it ….

Unlike others I  wish to  halt  here  for a short  musing  and mulling and think of what I have  lived  and  how I   intend to  live in  the  time to  come…

The life  I have lived  has  been tirelessly busy, mundane and over disciplined. There was no humour, no fun, but only responsibilities. Which I think I  have  fulfilled to my  best.

The loss of my parents very early in  life  has been  an irreparable loss from which I have not been able  to  fully  recover  even now.. At  some stage when I wore the  uniform  of an officer, the organization i.e the army took over the role of my parents. It has given me safety , security, love and care.  Because of which I  could  stand up to take on  the world. My wife ,  my children , my brother and sisters are  now  my universe. My friends  and  students are  my lifeline. Teaching life skills is my  passion.

I am eagerly looking at the  times to  come with  hope, to see   new things  happen in this ever  changing world. I do hope to contribute a speck in helping people  and improving the lives  of people  who need  my help.

I  pray to  almighty  to  give me  strength to be able  to do something  for  the  society-for the  needy, the  poor  and  those  who strive  to improve  from  their present  destinations. Thats  all is  my aim  and  resolve for  times  to  come.