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From Battle-field to Business-Field

The journey of a soldier from a battlefield to the business-field


Power of Acceptance


Acceptance, I  feel is not only the  most  misunderstood  word in English  language but also  the most  misunderstood personality trait. It is generally   construed to depict  personal  weakness,  lack of strength or even a  defeatist nature.  It  is also understood to indirectly denote a tendency of  subjugation . A   person who  doesn’t  have  the  will  to fight it out or  just accept  the   hardships  as they come in life  is known to be   showing  lack of  motivation and kinesis. For  example a person who meekly accepts an order is  seen as a weak person. In normal parlance  personality trait of  ‘Acceptance’ is  seen akin to  status  quo , and a  person displaying it in a state of  inertia.

But the  truth  is far  from it .

When seen  from  the  lens of achieving  happiness in life  , its  meaning is becomes totally    opposite of  its oft understood  derivative. Acceptance actually denotes  tremendous inner strength and grit. Lets  understand the ‘how’ of  it. If I say that  most of  us when asked what is the aim of life  come out with  an instant answer  and that is ‘happiness’. In the subsequent paragraphs you will  see  how the power of  Acceptance   leads us to  a state of  ‘happiness,  which otherwise is  so elusive  to  all of  us.

Its  a fact the  there are plethora of things around us and in our  personal lives which  are  not to our liking. But Everything we cannot change. The preachers of ‘ perennial positivity paradigm’ insist that everyone  can  change everything  by their inner strength. I wish this could be  true all  the  time.  Then  there would be  no  diseases ,  no disabilities , no unhappiness  etc as  everything  would have soon converted  to  disease-free, disability-free  happy  world. But it is not so. That means  that there is a gap between  what is  claimed and what is actual.  It  also  means  that those who in  the first  place  accept  the condition they are in,   require  much more  physical  and  mental strength and not  the  mere positivlty to  come out of it.

Today most of  us  are  in a state of ‘unhappiness’ which is primarily due  to our  unsatiated  needs. And fulfillment of  needs  is  like an oasis in  a desert, when you  reach  one it turms out to be  a mirage and fades into oblivion and another one  appears at  a distance , and  you begin to rush towards  it to quench  your thirst. And  thus  the unsatiated belly makes us   revolve  in  a perpetual circle of unhappiness. On the other hand when  a person accepts something and does not crave  to  change it instantly , it  gives  him tremendous  strength of spirit to  bear the deficiency. As  a parent  who have  a child born  with a congenital conditions or deformities require tremendous strength of the  soul to accept it as a  fate  and come out of the   ‘why me’ condition. Similarly acceptance of  accidents in life leading  to  disabilities of  an otherwise  healthy person require tremendous strength too .

So,  finally  what is the  mantra of happiness through  the route of acceptance? It is an  ongoing  battle  between …

changing your fate Vs  accepting  your  fate. ….

Who is  the winner  of this  ongoing  duet war,  is the moot  question. In the answer to the question posed above,  lies the  subtle secret to the  achieve  happiness. The answer is contained in the two situations described below.

Situation one, if  you  begun to fight your fate and  finally  end up facing disappointments then there is  dual unhappiness  in life. One for the  negativity of the fate  and second the unsuccessful battle  which you  ensued with it trying to change it. Such people live unhappily thereafter.

Situation  two, if  on the outset  you  accept the fate  , you  tend to find  happiness  in life inspite  of  your  disability. After  sometime if  you strive  to come  out of it, and if you succeed, its  a win-win situation and if you lose, you don’t  become  unhappy as  you  have  already  reconciled  to your  fate and found happiness  therein  too.

In  the end I  would  simply suffice to  say that Power  of Acceptance remains  the ultimate power to achieve long term happiness in life.

A letter to the Indian News Channels

Dear Indian News Channels,
Good evening…
After a long day in office I sit in front of you to know what is happening in the country and the world.
But where is the NEWS??
I am thoroughly disappointed with you… you do not update me with the news but only waste my time on debates. Watching these debates with participants trying to out-shout each other and the anchor’s instead of quelling the tempers indulging in competing in the decibels.. Sadly this results only in wastage of my crucial time and nothing more.
I feel the 9 pm news on Al India Radio of the yester years covered much more in 15 minutes then you do in whole 24 hours…
Its high time that you realise that the viewers of today are keen on knowing whats happening in the country and in the world not what you want to tell me and hide from me.
Its high time you mend your ways or else i will flip  the  channels and start watching the soaps. Because as it your news debates are akin to the heated arguments dramatised in many serials i.e only rhetoric no substance.
I implore you to just ‘do your job’ and i must remind you that, your job is show us the news and we will make our own analysis. Don’t try and create unnecessary controversies where there are none and do not try and influence our thoughts.
Come on.. we can think….An average Indian is not so dumb as probably you think.
Give us a break… News channels..
Its high time you change your style or i will change my watching style…and shun you once and for all.
Yours Truely…
An ardent news watcher

The ISBT experience at T1 Airport Terminal

04MA-CITY-ARAPALAY_2038504fToday my experience at T1 airport terminal Delhi reminded me of ISBT Delhi….
Many years back I used to be a frequent traveller on the inter-state roadways buses. And the favorite spot to board the buses in Delhi was none other then inter-state bus terminus generally referred as ISBT by Delhites. At that time ISBT used to typified with queues, crowds , chaos and hustle bustle 24×7 without exception of any day. To start with one had to stand in long queue to get the ticket for the bus, then wait in a queue endlessly for your bus to arrive. And when it finally arrived some people would break the line and make a dash to enter first. After these few super  smart guys darted in, the others( not so swift ) would urge people to form another queue and thus the sober ones would quietly form another queue and the boarding would commence properly. However, when one reached inside one found that all the coveted window seats were either occupied by the super smart travellers or they had kept their handkerchiefs to reserve it for their accomplices. So willy nilly I found myself sitting on the last row upright seats , which would make my 5-hour journey to Dehradun into a bumpy ordeal.
Hopefully , I am told the things at ISBT now have changed a lot and are much more streamlined.

Today morning when I reached the T1 airport I was welcomed into a maze of crowd even at 6 am. The alighting area was full of cabs/cars and there were security people who were busy pushing the cars out and were not even allowing people to say a warm goodbye to each other.
The next bottleneck was at the entrance gate. The police personnel detailed there was busy in checking the tickets. The multimodal forms of tickets namely paper, e and mobile only increased the confusion and delay. Some passenger had ticket stored in the mobile but the battery had gone dead. He was struggling to plug-in his device somewhere to extricate it, so on and so forth which resulted in a long queue. After the first victory at the entrance gate I was greeted by a heavy rush at the big check-in hall. There were queues and queues at every counter. I had to literally align myself to find the right counter for check in. The right counter too had a long queue and of course these queues also had some smart guys who were able to jump the queue albeit with help of the airline staff with some pleadings and excuses. This indeed caused chagrin to us who were waiting endlessly for our turn.
After taking the boarding pass I thought the ordeal was over as I had already spend almost an hour at the airport but it was not. As I rushed towards the security check area I was aghast to find a long queue there too. So I had to again apply brakes to my speedy moments and wait patiently. The security personnel were polite and diligent in their work , I feel the cause of the delay was that they were less in number. By the time I finished the security , it was time for boarding. I rushed to the gate, especially because a few days back I had read a news report that some airlines had left some passengers who had not shown up at the boarding gate on time. I reached the boarding lounge and was shocked to see it buzzing with activity at 7 am. Some announcements were going on but one could not make out what is being said , just like ISBT many years back. The chairs were less and many people were either standing or sitting on the floor. Suddenly without any announcement I saw a long queue forming up at my gate. When I queried I realised it was for my flight. So for the fifth time, and hopefully the last one, I again stood in the queue at the boarding gate. Slowly the line executive started scanning the boarding passes . After the scanning process I came out and found another queue. “This queue for what ?” I asked the person in front.
“For boarding the bus” he replied. Soon the bus came and like obedient school children the queue ambled towards it. The bus took us to the parking bay and finally after almost 2 hours of standing in queues I had the first glimpse of the aircraft in which I was going to travel. ‘Wow’ I said to myself with a sign of relief .
But the moment I debussed, I was shocked to see passengers queue up again… for another round of checking at the bottom of the stairs. So finally after two hours of rueful experience and punishment to my knees I threw myself at my seat. And closed my eyes wishing myself a safe journey.

I wondered whether things have changed at ISBT or just  changed places?

Audit 2017, plan for 2018.

images (11)After every 365 days comes the 31 December which is characterised world over with celebrations and joy…  The celebration are for the culmination of a successful year gone by or hope for the new year to dawn a new beginning…. Most of us wish to reap more then we wish to sow… But that is not how the life goes ..

What a typical  new year eve must have as per me is the following two things:-

1. Audit of the year gone by…..

Which should include what all did you sow ( the debits) and what exactly did you reap(the credits) in the past 365 days…

For a businessman it could be the days of toil versus the monetory gains, for a serviceman it could be the promotions , appreciations or the non tangible gains.

For children it could be the hardwork verses the grades obtained.

But in  the end you have to decide whether your balance sheet is in the red  or blue.

(Celebrations are only justified if you account is in positive and in credit)

2. Plan for the next 365 days…

Which could include your personal committments ,  personal goals and personal investments in terms of time and money. The plan , if speciffic in nature can yield tangible results which could make one proud…

So I wish all my friends to close their 2017 account books today…and I hope that all of you close your account and are in credit…

Wish you all a very prosperous 365 days ahead.

On Reaching 50

images (11)On Reaching 50

I  am not the only one,  neither I am  the first one who  has  reached 50. Many  have crossed it  and many will  cross it in future.

But  it certainly is a special milestone , not for  me alone  but for everyone who has  crossed it ….

Unlike others I  wish to  halt  here  for a short  musing  and mulling and think of what I have  lived  and  how I   intend to  live in  the  time to  come…

The life  I have lived  has  been tirelessly busy, mundane and over disciplined. There was no humour, no fun, but only responsibilities. Which I think I  have  fulfilled to my  best.

The loss of my parents very early in  life  has been  an irreparable loss from which I have not been able  to  fully  recover  even now.. At  some stage when I wore the  uniform  of an officer, the organization i.e the army took over the role of my parents. It has given me safety , security, love and care.  Because of which I  could  stand up to take on  the world. My wife ,  my children , my brother and sisters are  now  my universe. My friends  and  students are  my lifeline. Teaching life skills is my  passion.

I am eagerly looking at the  times to  come with  hope, to see   new things  happen in this ever  changing world. I do hope to contribute a speck in helping people  and improving the lives  of people  who need  my help.

I  pray to  almighty  to  give me  strength to be able  to do something  for  the  society-for the  needy, the  poor  and  those  who strive  to improve  from  their present  destinations. Thats  all is  my aim  and  resolve for  times  to  come.


Prompt Action by Railways

Prompt Action by Railways…..
Today I boarded the Rajdhani Express today morning from secunderabad for nizamuddin.. Soon the breakfast was served but the quality of food  was not so good. We just had it. After some time came the pre-lunch soup… Which was simply tasteless and drab. I told the service person but he said nothing and walked away. After sometime lunch was served which too was of  extremely inferior  quality. We could hardly eat half of it. Luckily, we were carrying some packed items from home so we managed. After lunch, the quality of ice cream was simply  appalling. This whole experience put me off and  I started  contemplating of putting in a complaint or Suggestions on IRCTC website.
Then suddenly I got a call from +91139(I think it’s the railway number). The voice message wanted me to rate my experience on two issues i.e quality of food and punctuality of service. I rated both as very low. The voice msg told me that I can also tweet my experience at @RailMinIndia .
I promptly tweeted. Within few minutes I got a reply and I was asked my pnr number which I typed immediately.
To my surprise within an hour the catering manger in the train came searching for me and asked me what the issues were with food. I gave him the details. He apologized and promised to show improvement in the dinner.
And certainly the food served in the dinner was well cooked and tasty.

Thanks to the railway for adopting technology and taking prompt action on complaints.
However, I am writing this so that every one is aware that as train-travellers, we should not accept sub standard treatment and also if we take the pains of reporting the matter , the officials are prompt in responding.

At the end I also tweeted thanks @RailMinIndia.