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Who is worthy of your true love?

Old  quips  like  ‘love  is  blind’ and  ‘love  is  unconditional’ are  needing  a    re-look  today.  A  quick  talk  with  the  various  spectra of  society  leaves  the  listener  bemused  at  the  intermediaries  which  seem  to  have  seeped  into  this four  letter(erstwhile pious)  word in  this  fast-moving 2k society.

The moot  question  which  I  posed  to  all I  spoke  on  this  issue  was:-

Who  is  truly worthy  of  your  love in  life?

And  the  options   which  I  attached  to  the  question were:-

  • One who loves  you, but  you  don’t ?  or,
  • One whom you  love  but  he/she doesn’t? Continue reading

Every Person is a Package Deal

Every  Person  is  a  Package Deal

Today everything  what  we  get  in  the market  are package  deals.

In life  we  meet  hundreds   of  people, with some we  become friends  with others we don’t .  With some we  remain aloof and neutral. Some we hate and  some  we like instantly. Its  a natural Phenomenon and gets  triggered automatically and impulsively.

Its  not so that the person  we adore   is  full of virtues and  the person  we  detest is  full of flaws. Its only  that we focus on  the good qualities  on the  person  we adore and  ignore his  bad  ones. In the person we  detest  we keep focussing  on  his  bad traits  and  ignore  his good  ones. Its  all  based  on  our perception . You  change the perception towards  a person  and you will keep seeing the  better  side. So inadvertally we are  using  what is  called ‘principle of gestalt’ in  our day to day  life.

Verily, every person we  meet in our day  to day life is  a  package  deal. When  we  meet  anyone  or  come  in   contact with  anyone  we  send  some  vibes at  each  other. It  is  these  vibes  which  make any two  persons develop  a  relation  with  each  other. The  relations  between  two  persons  can  be classified  into  Its amalgamation of  good  traits ,  bad  traits  and  neutral  traits.

No  one  is  perfect. If  you analyse  even  your  closet of  friends  they   too  have  some negativities. But  we  tend  to  ignore them  and  focus  on  the  good  traits  of  a  friend.

For a bad  person  ,  bad  traits  are good traits and  he wishes  to  be  friends  with people  of  his  ilk. Together  they  vibe and  help each  other. They  will not  improve  and  they  are  happy  with  themselves.

Good  company  breeds  good  company  bad  breeds  bad.

But we  must have friends. And  lots of  them to  be  able  to  enjoy  life.

Help ,  share  and  guide  a  friend in the  right  direction.

If we start seeing a  person  as  a package  deal then  we will  find everyone  is conducive and  friendly and  world  will be  a better place to live.